In any business whether it’s network marketing / MLM or a traditional business model.  Your biggest obstacle is “Obscurity”.  Meaning, no one knows you exist.  You can have the best product, best supplement, best skincare, the best of anything…but you need people to find you.  This is a great infographic to help in getting your brand out into the market and experience a bigger footprint with content you create.

When someone shares your blog post it gives a boost to you to do something extra to give more to readers but if you are not getting shares and comments on your content then your morale goes down and you feel bored when creating your new blog post because you know users are not interacting with your content.

No doubt you are sharing your post everywhere but still you are unable to attract an audience , there can be many reasons behind it and they all are well explained in this infographic about how to promote your blog post.

So don’t worry here is massive guide within this infographic to get your blog post shared over 1000 times. This infographic is created by RazorSocial and Canva.

How to Promote Your Blog Post To Get Over 1000 Shares

Please wait for few seconds and let the infographic to load completely.

Courtesy of: RazorSocial

Highlights of the Infographic

  • Creating Compelling Title
  • Make it easy to Share
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pinterest friendly Images
  • Highlighting Quotes and use Click to Tweet Button
  • Share your post Automatically and manually
  • Send it to your Email List
  • Monitor Results
  • Share it again after a month.

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