1.  a person, group, or organization that is the most progressive or successful and serves as a model to be imitated.

2.  a person or thing that sets the pace, as in racing.


Become the Pace Setter for your Network Marketing Team!

I have listened to so many people that are struggling in their Network Marketing Business and wondering “why” their team is not exploding…..or even growing.

I learned long ago that if I am  not setting the pace….I am following someone else that is going a lot faster than I am.  The challenge in Network Marketing is that we are building our team.  Meaning, you can rely on your leader for a while but if you want to really build a Network Marketing business….you need to step out from the draft of your leader and set the new pace you want to build your team at.

For A-type builders…they get really excited by setting the pace and typically most people can’t keep up. My recommendation if you are not a “driver” or A-type personality….you follow an A-type person and learn, listen, and mimic this person.  What you will find is that your pace starts picking up.  You start becoming a Pace Setter and not even realizing it.

Also, if you are not an A-Type person….typically you are a good relationship building person.  If so, start to fill the position of “rewards manager”.  Meaning, when anyone on your team hits any goals, ranks, recruits a person…..anything positive…you need to recognize them on all social media, internal platform, emails, texts, etc….

Make sure you constantly provide fuel to the fire….keep momentum happening….excitement happening….growth happening!Last, become a shining star for “POS – Positively Outrageous Service”.  Become “that” person that people talk about.  Become “that” person that people want to be around, want to learn from, want to join and grow because you provide so much value and soul.

Become a Pace Setter.  Attract More Prospects!

I hope you enjoyed this quick insight on “How to Turbo Charge the Growth of Your Network Marketing Business!”.
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