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Today, as I sat in the water looking at the beauty of what nature’s most powerful energy can produce, it hit me that surfing is alot like business and being successful in network marketing.

Let me explain, when we work hard in Network Marketing to be in the right place (in the water)  and then patient for the right Network Marketing prospect (wave) to come, we are naturally swept up by  Network Marketing success (wave).

We have to be in the right place – work hard and wait for the timing to mature to be swept up by success.
Eric Tippetts

I believe the reason why “surfers” are so relaxed is that they understand this theory that works every time in and out of the water.

As a Network Marketing Pro, you need to believe in a system that will work, everytime!  It needs to become apart of who you are at your core; in your soul.  There are 3 major areas that you need to focus on to make up this “Network Marketing Pro System”.

Success formula for Eric Tippetts

1. Right Place.  This comes down to marketing and let people know that you exist and you have a solution to your prospects current or future challenges.  You need to create a simple, consistent, and effective prospecting routine.  This is why I created the Rocket Recruiting app to simplify prospecting that fits within your current daily routine.

2. Schedule.  The most successful Network Marketing Pro’s I have met always talk about “calendar is king”.  This is very important that you schedule your “focus on building” time on your calendar.  This is carved out time for prospecting, marketing, and presenting.  Network Marketing or really any business is built upon numbers.  You need to talk to enough prospects to equal the amount of signups that produce the amount of desired income.  Just understand that “no” is just one step closer to a “yes”.  The quicker you realize this and work this daily with the right mindset, the quicker you will realize success.

3. Followup.  You have probably heard the motto “the fortune is in the followup”.  This is very true and is the key to success.  If you are just presenting constantly and never following up with your prospects, you will see a low conversion rate.  I come from the thought process, quality vs quantity.  I might rather find my perfect customer and then spend the time to make sure I understand their needs, wants, challenges, desires and focus on providing value to bridge the gap to ensure their success.  This makes it very easy to come to a win win result as the communication is always in sync.

So in conclusion, the stereotype of surfers being chill, relaxed, and simple is very true as they understand the path to success in surfing and this creates a sense of confidence and center in your being.

I hope this blog helps give you a simple way to break down a proven path to success in your Network Marketing business.  If you found value, this blog: Learn How to Be a Surfer…oh, and be successful in Network Marketing, please comment and share.

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