I am super humbled and grateful for the amazing response and testimonials on my recent release of “To The Top”.
Over 50,000 copies sold!
It’s really personal and scary releasing a book that you spend 3 1/2 years passionately writing while traveling over 1 million miles around the world speaking to Entrepreneurs.
You wonder if anyone will connect with the views and values that you feel so passionate about.  You feel very exposed!

When I was young, My father taught English at a University in Hawaii.  He always encouraged me to read but I just never had an interest in reading about events….I wanted to experience them!
I used to get really depressed and hard on myself for starting books but never finishing them.  I felt overwhelmed.  I felt slow and frustrated at how long it took me to read a book.
I wanted to make my book engaging immediately with the laws of prosperity and attracting abundance in one’s life.
I double spaced the paragraphs to make it so you quickly turn pages and feel momentum.  I wanted to keep a simple but quick pace to engage my reader with concepts, tactics, and strategies that you can implement in your life. Today!
I have met so many amazing people in my life and experienced things that most people only dream about.  I am so grateful and blessed.  I want to pay this forward to others as the universe never runs out of love, smiles, hugs, money, and abundance.
I get so many people asking for a signed copy of my book, so I wanted to take the time while I am off the road traveling and offer a signed copy of my book for the holidays!
From December 17 – 21, 2014, I will sign each copy that is purchased on my site – >>>Click Here<<<
This is a limited time as I am typically traveling and not available for signed copies.
I appreciate you!  I am grateful for attracting you in my life.
Thank you!
So much love,

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