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I have been traveling in SE Asia with one of the top Network Marketing trainers, Todd Falcone.

As I listened to Todd speak each day, I quickly heard a theme of what he would continually talk about that made all the difference for him 25 years ago (he has not had a “JOB” since)

Watch this quick video on 2 key items that made Todd successful recruiting in Network Marketing.

Let me ask you a personal question, Are you committed to being a Home Business owner?  100% committed through the highs and lows…you are ALL IN?  You don’t take failure as an option!

The key to Success in Network Marketing from what I have seen is these 2 critical components:

1. 100% commitment to being successful (whether it takes 1 day or 100 years)….you do not accept failure!!

2. Listening to the “Do’ers”…..ignore the “Dont’ers”.  Surround yourself with people that inspire you.  People that empower and spark your passion to build, grow, and evolve.

In the video I talk about the “lobster story”.  Is that not true?  I wish it was not that way but that is reality for most people.

If you ever get stuck with objections while sponsoring & recruiting in Network Marketing.  Just step back and listen and ask alot of questions.  Questions provide the ability for your prospects to flush out their concerns and make sure they go at their pace.

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You have my commitment to help you build your successful Network Marketing / Home Business!

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I appreciate you!

So much love,
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