As a Conscious person, you can’t afford to get caught up in the currents of bad moods, upsets, disappointments, blaming others, self-pity and hostility.

These thoughts (vibrations) emanate out from you like a giant magnet, and the stronger the feeling, the stronger you attract it.

Think about a time when a friend was in a bad mood. Did it make you want to be around them?

No, of course not! The only time you feel like being around a friend in a bad mood is when you’re in a bad mood.

To think you can hide your moods is simply ignoring that we live in an attraction/vibration-based universe. Whatever you are thinking about and feeling emanates out from you, and all the people around you can sense it.

They make not be able to put it into words, but people get a general feeling.

Take notice today of your thoughts and feelings as this will truly guide what you attract (or what you don’t).

Have a Phenomenal Day!

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