Rejection is part of daily life for entrepreneurs.

There is always going to be somebody that for some reason, doesn’t like or support what you do.

It’s crucial that you don’t allow the fear of rejection to become a stopping point in your business.

Instead of “overcoming,” the fear, which takes a long time, how about learning to make it work for you?

You can do that right now!

Here’s what that looks like…


1) Rejection is just feedback

You know that what others think, say and feel about you is a much more powerful statement about them than it is about you.

So knowing that, you can relax, and take the pressure off of yourself when you receive feedback such as “I’m not interested,” “You’re not the right coach for me,” or “I’m not inspired to come to your event.”

When you let go of your emotional attachment to feedback, you can actually use it as data to create more laser sharp marketing. Perhaps you are not speaking to the right audience. Or maybe your message isn’t 100% clear.

Don’t shy away from that person who tells you your program is terrible. Maybe they’re just wrong, and having a bad day. Or maybe it’s just what you needed to hear to ignite the greatest innovation your business has ever seen.

2) Learn to turn no into yes

When someone turns down your opportunity, your book manuscript, your coaching offer… don’t just shrink away feeling defeated.

Ask them why.

When they tell you why, you have room to negotiate.

For example, when I connect with a potential Joint Venture Partner, and they say that they aren’t willing to promote something, I ask them why.

If it’s timing, then I offer another time.

If it’s that our program is not a good fit, I ask if they know anyone that it may be a good fit for. 98% of the time, they connect me to a new partner.


Even if the only result from asking why is that you have an interesting conversation, you have still turned rejection into opportunity.

Opportunity to connect with someone more deeply, and to learn something new about you.

It may feel like taking an emotional risk to inquire “why,” but learning to take healthy risks will help you in all areas of your business.

3) Take on the opposite perspective

Feeling rejected often leaves us with the sting of feeling like “I missed out on something.”

What if you took on the opposite perspective…

“This opportunity wasn’t right for me. Something even more perfect and aligned is on the way, and now that this door has closed, I am one step closer.”

How do you feel when you try that on?

There are many variations to that story, focus on one that feels authentic to you.

When you focus on opportunity, rather than missed opportunity, that is what you will find and experience.

Many experiences that you think you want in your business won’t actually be right for you. And that doesn’t take the emotional sting away when rejection hits, but it does help to put things in a broader perspective.

4) Stop playing mind games with yourselfbrain

The mind loves to say things like:

“When I attain this goal, I will feel satisfied.”

“If this person endorses me, I will be popular and make more money. And then I will feel respected and worthy.”

“If I get to this next level in my business, then I can finally relax and do what I love.”

If you truly believe these thoughts, then rejection will feel soul crushing. Because someone else’s “no” is getting in the way of you attaining what you think you need.

That magical time in the future is never coming. Whatever you feel about yourself now is what you’ll feel about yourself when you attain those things.

When you truly understand this, rejection will no longer have the power to hurt you. You won’t see it as a roadblock to experiencing yourself as you truly want to in this moment.

You will be at choice.

And your business will run more smoothly, grow in a more purposeful away, and feel much more satisfying.

If you’ve felt rejected in your business, what learning points can you extract from that experience?

I want to thank Max Simon for these great insights and I hope they help each of you understand, Rejection is apart of the package…it’s how you tackle it and keep going.

Remember my previous post: “The Truth about Selling, Can YOU Handle it?”  –

Keep these numbers in your head each day and beat these odds!

Have a phenomenal day!!


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