“Striplining” is a fisherman’s term… it is the difference between a Pro Fisherman and Amateur Fisherman.

This technique is also used as an MLM recruiting strategy. It is the difference between you pushing people away from your business, and having them chase you down to join!

This is one of the most powerful technique’s I teach…this will change your MLM Recruiting results!

The key concept is “posturing” with your prospect.  You need to get in the right mindset as you are approaching prospects that you have something your prospect needs, wants, and desires.  If you don’t believe this with 100% commitment, you will come across un-certain.  Un-Certainty is the #1 killer of Network Marketers.

That is why I built the Rocket Recruiting App.  I wanted to give you an instant, easy way to open up the door to “why” a prospect needs a home business or they are losing money every month on each paycheck, then quantify an estimation for your prospect.

This way it gives you the power.  You have the information your prospect desires….how to keep more of their hard earned money on each paycheck…and you hold the keys.

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Second, I see so many people get into some kind of Home Business with the expectations of instant success and returns.

Remember, building a business takes time and commitment.

One commitment is staying in the game and growing a thick skin to handle the word “NO”.

Here is the Truth about prospecting and how quickly people give up.

Print this and commit to yourself to BEAT these odds!

You Are As Good As You Believe You Are!

                     The Truth

80% of all sales are made after the fifth call

48% of all salespeople make one call and quit

25% of all salespeople call twice and quit

17% of all salespeople call three times and quit

10% of all salespeople keep calling

 80% of all sales are made by 10% of all salespeople

Which Are You? The 80% that Quit or the 10% that Commit to Success!!

This is the main reason I built the Rocket Recruiting App for Network Marketers.  I wanted to shift the mindset from “selling” to “giving” with a lending hand by showing money that your prospect could be losing and you have the solution to help them start keeping their hard earned money.

Go make a positive difference in someone’s life today!

So much love,


Eric Tippetts, Author of To The Top Book


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