I have a sign next to my computer that reads “Are you better today than yesterday?“.  Simply put, am I working towards my goals each and everyday?

One thing I think about everyday is that we are all working hard and only the one’s that put in the extra effort stand above the rest.  So when you think of slacking for a day, just remember that your competition is getting ahead of you.

Take each day and slice taks into segments so you don’t fall into ruts and it keeps things fresh and creative.  For example, I will wake up, read emails and post content I read about the night before.  I then go for a workout to get my brain on a new activity.

When I return, I followup with clients and answer client questions.  I then goto lunch.

After lunch I work on marketing ideas and ways to drive traffic to many of my products.  I then pickup my daughter and do something fun with her.    Then at night I like to read books and online content to drive ideas in my brain that I can sleep on and formulate that night to put into action the next morning.

Do you see what I did above.  I break my day up into segments to keep my mind fresh and creative instead of getting caught into a rut.  I believe you have to be inspired to do certain activities, like writing creative content.   There are times when my creative side is on fire and I stay focused on just writing content but most of the time…it really helps to break up the tasks into blocks of time.


Try and setup your day into blocks of “To Do’s” and then make sure you focus on getting to each one and completing tasks associated with each of them.

What you will find is that you become extremely productive EVERYDAY….momentum creates momentum…watch how fast things happen!

Have a “productive” day!


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