Are you as productive as you could be?

I’m not… The fact is, we all can find ways to be a more productive entrepreneur.

The key is: wanting to be more productive. And I would say that you fit that mold, otherwise you would not be here reading this blog post.

Everyday, I am looking for methods to add productivity. I have decided to share with all of you some of the tips I have learned from other successful entrepreneurs.

Use them because they work!

Be a more productive entrepreneur with sleep

Trying to manage an entrepreneurship with 4 or 5 hours of sleep is not wise. You may do okay for a little while, but you will find yourself drained and not managing your business in the most competent manner.

It is important that we get proper sleep. And, having a steady sleep schedule is the best method. Go to sleep 7 days of the week at approximately the same time and arise at the same time.

Have a comfortable sleeping environment and you will be much more productive,

Be a more productive entrepreneur by eating breakfast

eat breakfast for productivity

Yes, there is a lot to do and a short time to do it. But taking the time to eat a healthy breakfast will provide you with the energy you need to properly get all the tasks done.

No, that 8 gallon cup of coffee does not count as breakfast.

I suggest some oatmeal, fruit, eggs and bacon… Just have a good breakfast to start your day in a productive way.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by setting goals

When we set goals, we have something to shoot for. Set them high but reachable.

I suggest setting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals.

And something that not too many people mention – write down objectives you need to have to be able to reach those goals.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by planning

Every wise entrepreneur makes a plan and foolish entrepreneurs fly by their shoelaces,

There is an old statement that says: Failing to plan is planning to fail.

It is a good idea before you go to bed each night that you write down the plan for the following day.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by eating the frog

This line came from the great Mark Twain; he essentially said that if your job is to eat a frog, you should do it first thing in the morning.

What that means to us entrepreneurs is that we should grab the worst task of all first thing and tackle it. Pretend that task is an ugly frog you just pulled from the pond and gulp it down. Get it done right away and all the other tasks will seem like ice cream to wash the frog down.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by delegating or outsourcing

Sometimes it is easy to get so caught up in our business that we think we need to do everything ourselves. Is that truly being productive?

There are many tasks and jobs that can be done by employees, virtual assistants or freelancers. It only makes good sense to take advantage of any opportunities to have someone else do tasks that need to be completed.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by completing a task before checking email

Our emails can consume time and energy. I have discovered that somewhat like eating the frog, it is a good idea first thing to complete a task before checking your email.

Email can be time consuming, so by completing one task, you have achieved something for the production before doing something that is seemingly unproductive.

I also suggest you then do another task before checking social media.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by reading

Reading is good for the soul. The more you learn, the more productive you will be. When you read, you learn. So find books that are related to business or the niche you are in and schedule at least ½ hour each day to read.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by not multitasking

Some of you may have the notion to debate with me on this, but studies have shown that people who multitask are less productive than the person who completes one task at a time. This article from the APA explains how multitasking can actually be damaging to your brain.

Be a more productive entrepreneur with exercise

Starting your day off with some brisk exercise is a good way to get all your blood flowing. It does work in helping you take care of the entrepreneur tasks you have. So,

  • Jog
  • Walk
  • Ride your bike
  • Pushups
  • Pull ups
  • Lift weights

Just exercise and you will be more productive.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by asking questions

Asking questions helps you understand the subject matter in a more accurate way and you will naturally be more productive because you will have a more comprehensive understanding.

This is, as long as you follow the next tip.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by listening

You can learn a lot more when you listen than when you are talking. I believe this is why we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth.

Be a more productive entrepreneur by taking time for yourself and your family

While an entrepreneur’s work-life balance is usually chaotic, we must be aware of this and schedule time completely away from the work and be with yourself, and spend quality time with your family.

You will be more productive by doing so. Your family will support you more and you will love what you are doing.

Lastly, be a more productive entrepreneur by…

Using the Expense Tracker.

This application I developed has helped many entrepreneurs get control of their finances. It has helped them become more productive because they take the financial “stress pressure” away so they can focus on the productive tasks.

I am so sure it will help you so I am offering a no-obligation 7 day trial so you can see how it can help you be more productive.

Just Click Here and Try The Expense Tracker

Thank you for coming to Eric Tippetts Dot Com today.

Please share this post with your social media friends and family so they can be more productive too.

And with that, I will say…

To The Top!

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