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In Network Marketing the #1 skill you can learn is “Believing in Yourself and Your Cause/Product”.  If you don’t have 100% conviction in what you are doing….you will easily and quickly be “deflated”.

Yesterday, I was in San Francisco for a friends 50th birthday party with friends.  As I woke up, this was the view from my hotel room.

San Francisco to the top - Believe in Yourself

A Great Reminder to wake up and “Believe in Yourself”.  Network Marketing / MLM recruiting is about believing in your products and being a steward to help others become better in some way from these products.

Just remember, people make decisions because of THEIR needs, wants, desires….NOT yours.  So ask alot of questions when talking to your prospects on what their goals are and remember, not everyone is a right fit.

You have all the tools you need to create the life you desire…it depends on if you believe it!

So much love,

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