How Not Be A Slave To Your Business

When you created the dream you had always wanted; you discovered how to solve the problems of many; you stopped being a slave of a 9 to 5 job and you found freedom in becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business…

But what happened?

Did you stop being a 9 to 5 slave and promote yourself to being a 6 AM to 10 PM slave?

Does the business own you?

It is actually quite easy to determine if you are a slave to the business.

Do you:

  • Wonder why you are working so hard and making little?
  • Go home every night feeling completely drained?
  • Feel chained to the phone or email?

Can you take off at any time and know the business will manage without you?

If you answered yes to 1 or more of the first 3 questions and no to the last question, the business probably owns you.

Now when you first start, it is understandable if you are putting in a lot of hours and doing tedious tasks, but your priority should be to delegate and automate as much as you possibly can.

You should work “on” the business, not “in” the business.

I am going to give you some tips on how to not be a slave to the business; how to own the business and not allow it to own you.

Own The Business Tip #1: Set Solid Boundaries

The work/life balance can be difficult for entrepreneurs. But you MUST set boundaries and follow them.

If you promise your child you will be at their school recital… BE THERE!

If you make a vow not to work Sundays… DON’T WORK SUNDAYS!

I believe you see my point. By setting and keeping boundaries, you will discover that the time you are working will be more profitable.

Own The Business Tip #2: Make Strategic Plans

The wise entrepreneur plans their day, week and even month. These plans have a strategy and the plan is followed.

Don’t allow people, places or things to “hi-jack” your strategic plan.

Own The Business Tip #3: Delegate And Look Away

I know, no one can do it as good as you can.


Sorry to be so blunt, but have you ever given one of your team members the opportunity to show you they can do it as good as you; maybe better!

You need to let go and let Jack, Shirley, Joan, Tim or whatever your team member’s name is, dribble the ball.

Yea, they may make mistakes, but you did too, didn’t you?

Don’t micromanage, just let them do the task and then compliment them and offer your constructive critique.

Amazing things will happen!

Own The Business Tip #4: Just Leave On A Whim

I highly recommend doing this at least once every 2 weeks.

Be spontaneous!

It’s 10 AM on a Tuesday and you just pack everything and go get the family.

  • Drive to the beach.
  • Go to an amusement park.
  • Go see family in a town miles away.
  • Etc…

Do anything except business.

It will run without you, won’t it?

Own The Business Tip #5: Quit Being The Savior

I equate this to a parent who cleans up the milk a 10 year old child spilled… Why?

The best way to help a child grow is to make them clean their own mess.

It is the same way at the business; an employee calls you to say they realized they accidentally forgot to lock the back door of the office. They are 6 miles away but you are 20 miles away.

It was the employee’s responsibility and you politely tell them to go back and do their duty. Don’t even offer to “save the day” for them.

Just tell them thank you for “owning” the mistake, but the consequence is a drive back.


If you allow yourself to become a slave to your business, you are no better off than the laborer who is working 10 hour days for a paycheck.

You did not start the business with that intent I believe.

So OWN YOUR BUSINESS! Don’t let it own you!

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I hope this helped you. Please give me feedback and if you have any questions… You can post them below.

Thank you…

To The Top!

eric tippets

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