People Are Already a “YES”! Stop Getting in the Way!

People who are right for your product or service are ready and willing to buy.

The universe has brought them to you because the two of you are right for each other!

You have what they want.

What gets in the way of this happening more often is our mental not believing it’s possible.  We self sabotage ourselves!

Have you ever been with friends and you are just looking for the right time to “introduce” your home business but your mind keeps telling you…”no, now’s not the right time”…..”what if they laugh at me”…..”what if they reject me”….”will they tell our other friends?”….”probably not a good time for them, they won’t be interested”.   Ever had your mind feeding you these lines of bologne?

We get in our own way with our thoughts.  Our beliefs.  Our pre-determined notion of what you want the outcome to be so you really don’t even listen to what your prospects needs are.

Selling is 90% mental.  10% skill.

(read my other blog on “the truth about prospecting, can you handle it“)

I tell people….if you are getting “no’s”.  Stop Selling.  Start Listening More!  You must be talking AT your prospect…not WITH your prospect.  You are uncomfortable so you continue too talk and talk and talk and tell and talk.


Ask more questions.  What is your prospect interested in.  If you could provide extra income or time or freedom for your prospect.  What would that mean for them?  What is their reason for looking for more time?  What would they do with that extra time?  What do they love to do for fun?

Focus on them…not your mind.


Trust yourself more and enjoy people!

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So much love,


Eric Tippetts, Author of To The Top Book

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