In this first installment of To The Top Tuesday entrepreneur mentoring, we are going to look at persistent follow up means and methods.

Many entrepreneurs are leaving money on the table by not following up with leads properly or not at all.

When we look at actual sales statistics over all forms of businesses, the numbers are enlightening:

  • Most sign ups or sales do not happen until after the prospect is contacted 5 times.
  • After the first contact, approximately 40% of entrepreneurs and/or salespeople give up.
  • The second contact has an approximate 68% give up rate.
  • 80% walk away after the third contact.
  • Many salespeople revert to bad tactics at the forth contact. They use high pressure which can create animosity with prospects.

Once the fifth contact is made, the entrepreneur or salesperson has built a relationship and understands the problems the prospect needs solved.

Here are some follow up tips that do work:

Persistent Follow Up Tip #1: Use Multiple Follow Up Methods

In following up, it is wise to use various methods, I came across some statistics that are interesting:

  • About 12% of Facebook posts are read
  • Around 20% of emails are actually opened
  • About 29% of Tweets are read
  • An outstanding 98% of text messages are opened

Does this mean you should just text leads?


By using various methods, you show the prospect that you are well-rounded and as they see your information is valuable, your percentages may climb.

Persistent Follow Up Tip #2: Create A Follow Up Plan

You will want to develop a follow up plan that fits you. I am sharing an example follow up plan that you could use as a template:

Day 1: Short phone call just asking how the prospect is and explaining that you are sending an email that will tell the benefits and problems the opportunity can solve. Every email ends with a call-to-action: click here, call this number, etc…

Day 3: A phone call asking if the prospect had the opportunity to read the email. Also offering to answer any questions the prospect has.

Day 5: Text message offering valuable information. This could be a free ebook, white paper or sample product with a link to attain it.

It is imperative that you track results from this.

Day 8: An email asking if the valuable information helped them and sharing testimonials of other similar clients your item has helped.

Day 14: A “check-in” phone call to just ask how they are and ask if they had the opportunity to read or listen to the testimonials.

This is an important call as many other entrepreneurs have not been willing to go this far. Many prospects will feel a sense of overwhelming respect for you.

Day 15: An email thanking them for the time spent the prior day and asking if there are any issues you may be able to help solve.

After the 2 weeks

At this point, I suggest you maintain contact through email and text at least every 2 weeks. I suggest a phone call to check in once per month.

The best days and times

The statistics tell a lot… I love to follow numbers to a certain extent.

There are days and times when phone calls and emails are more likely to be opened.

  • The best phone contact day is Thursday followed by Wednesday and then Friday.
  • Emails are more likely to be opened on Thursday with Wednesday and Tuesday following close behind.
  • The best time to call is 4PM prospect’s time.
  • Emails are opened most from 2-3PM.

Now these are not “set in granite.” I suggest experimenting and track open rates for emails and contact rates for phone calls.

Use Your Resources

You want to use all the resources available to you. Whether you are a “lone” entrepreneur or you are affiliated with a network marketing company, you should either develop or use information resources already made.

These could be:

  • Client testimonials
  • Fliers and pamphlets
  • FAQs
  • Videos
  • Etc…

Using compelling content and resources can and will make that closing question, “Are you ready to buy or sign up?” much easier.


Following up is a key task to grow your business.

I developed an app that can make this process 10X easier. With pre-made recruiting videos, top earner training and a complete lead management and follow up system built in, Rocket Recruiting will make follow up a breeze.

Just Click Here to learn more and sign up for Rocket Recruiting.

Thank you for your involvement in To The Top Tuesday. Please share this with your team so we can take all

To The Top!

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