Product vs People.  What is your Focus?

What’s up everybody! Just wanted to shoot a quick video blog and ask a quick question. This pertains to anyone in any type of business but especially in network marketing.

The question is, “Do you focus on the product or do you focus on the people, on being an entrepreneur and business owner?” So this is something that has been really interesting as I talk to people and a scenario happened yesterday with my daughter that I thought, you know, I want to shoot this video blog and talk about it because I’m curious what other people feel.

A major challenge people have in network marketing is recruiting. How do I get more people in my business? But second is retention. How do I keep people in my business? I don’t want a revolving door, people getting into business. They’re all excited and then 30 days later, 60 days later, they’re like, “Oh, you know, I’m not making any money, I’m not making any progress. It’s too hard. I’m going to fail,” and they jump out.

So were they focused on the product and hey, the product wasn’t working for me or was it the business or the people didn’t feel like there was a connection for them in the business?

Product vs People:

As a young man, my father came to me with a concept called “POS”, it stands for “positively outrageous service”. He said, “Eric, when we start our business, we want this on our wall that everybody sees that we provide positively outrageous service. So when anybody thinks of a product in our niche, they think of us because of the people, the service that they get, the community, the excitement that they want to reconnect with us and our brand.”

So the products were – and if you look at network marketing, I mean you have all these entrepreneurs and they’re repping the products. Well, in reality, it becomes a commodity. They can get online. Right?

Why can’t they just get them on Amazon or through another distributor? So I want you to become aware of where do you fit in. Are you a product specialist and you focus in on products? So you just really get people buying product or do you focus in on the community of being an entrepreneur and a team…building teams…building duplication and growing the teams businesses.

to_the_top-highres2So here’s the scenario that happened with my daughter yesterday that made me think of this. So we’re riding our beach cruiser along the beach and I look over and I see one of our favorite sushi restaurants that is in Laguna Niguel. It’s now on the beach in Dana Point and I thought, “Wow, this is so cool!” Our favorite sushi that my daughter and I every week on our daddy-daughter sushi day and so we always go to Good Choice Sushi. Love it and they know us there.

So I said, wow, look – they’ve got a good choice sushi over here. Wow, it’s overlooking the ocean! This is going to be so cool. Hey, we will have to go there next week. My daughter says, “No dad. No, I’m interested in going to our old place”.

I said, “What are you talking about? I mean it’s brand new! It’s right here and overlooking the ocean! This is great!”

She says, “Dad, we’ve got our local place. They know us there. They already know what we want. They treat us really good. I don’t want to go over here.”

I’ve got to tell you it hit… I’m like, wow, here’s a 12-year-old that’s unfiltered. So she wasn’t trying to play any tricks or angle the conversation in any way. She was just telling me hey, these are the people that we know and they know us. We’re locals there. They know what we want and we built that relationship with them.

No, Dad. I want to go to our place with the people we have built a relationship with.  Here’s a new restaurant overlooking the ocean but it’s new. I don’t know the people. I’m uncomfortable with the people – I’m comfortable we know these people and we know their service.

So as I looked at that, it really hit me, the whole positively outrageous service that you got to really look at yourself as the brand. You are the product and the more that you start to look at yourself as the product, that’s what people are buying. That’s what people are joining. They’re joining you. Products are just products. You might switch products or you might focus on the personal development and the team building and the entrepreneurship of owning and running your own business.

asia sushiSo you need to really focus on providing positively outrageous service, if you’re a product specialist…I know everything about the product. I know how the chemicals work and I know how to apply them, I’ve met some amazing product specialists in different network marketing companies that would just blow your socks off. They know everything product related and they become the expert in that and they’re great at it.

Then there are other people that say the products are one thing and I love them. We’ve got great products but I’m about the business. I’m about being an entrepreneur. I’m about growth and the financial aspect and the comp plan and all of these things. So we really focus in on the people and we show our team that we’re there about team building and building duplication, training and all things related to “people”.

So I asked you the question at the beginning of this blog because I think it’s a legitimate question that you need to ask yourself and really look at where is our focus as we go out there and approach people.

What do we want to be known for?

Whatever it is, we want to make sure we’re specialists or the expert in talking about that. We’re providing content. We’re providing value along with that focus that we are going after.

So again, positively outrageous service. Brand yourself. Do things that are just wacky, that people – typically people don’t do and you go up and above what other people would do and people start to remember you. They start to think about, my gosh, I remember that product. I need to give that person a call.

You stand out above the crowd.

I would like to ask a favor, if you liked this content, you think it’s valuable to others, please comment, share. I’m interested in what your focus is. Product vs People?  If you see the product is the way to go and really become a specialist or you feel like the entrepreneur home business builder, that’s really the focus that you like to go towards.

I look forward to catching up with you guys very soon.

Have an Amazing day!!



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