I once heard a new entrepreneur state that he didn’t like the idea of networking with other entrepreneurs.

I asked why he felt that way and the answer sounded like a conspiracy theory. And, I wondered when phrases like:

  • It is a new world order network
  • or, the Illuminati is present

would come from the person’s lips.

While it didn’t go that far, I discovered this new entrepreneur had a fear that I believe many entrepreneurs have but they keep that fear a secret… They may steal my idea.

Sure, that is a possibility but…

You still purchase and drive that new car even though someone may steal it.

That Rolex watch is still on your wrist, even though a mugger could come from an alley and take it from you.


You must beat that fear

The odds of another entrepreneur “stealing” your idea are quite low. After all, they won’t be able to institute your idea the way you could, so even if they try, it will probably fail.

I will just say, There are more pros than cons in connecting with other entrepreneurs.

Let’s look at the benefits of doing so.

Entrepreneur Connect Benefit #1: Referrals

This is one of the primary benefits.

When a customer comes to one entrepreneur with a problem they need solved, but that entrepreneur does not work within that niche, but they connected with you at an event, they are apt to pull your business card out and tell that client they know a person who does work in that area.

This helps you with a pre-qualified prospect and also helps that entrepreneur because that client realizes they will go to great extents to help them even sending their business elsewhere.

And by all means, you should be willing to do the same with your connections.

Entrepreneur Connect Benefit #2: Support

While you may have various people you can “pour out” your stress and fears to, no one understands these issues as well as another entrepreneur.

By connecting with other entrepreneurs, you can normally come to them with your stresses. Maybe they have been in that position and can offer you sound advice. If nothing else, they will have an understanding ear and a consoling heart.

Entrepreneur Connect Benefit #3: A Plethora Of Opportunities

The more entrepreneurs you are connected with, the more opportunities that will come to you.

You will have to learn to say no to many of these opportunities, but it is better to have many choices than none at all.

  • Joint ventures
  • Business purchases or sales
  • Leads
  • Speaking engagements
  • Writing opportunities
  • and Partnerships

Entrepreneur Connect Benefit #4: Idea Perfection

The possibilities are endless when you put multiple entrepreneurs together in a brainstorming session.

You may have a great idea but you are somewhat confused on how to implement a marketing plan or an online recruiting system. But one of the entrepreneurs you connected with may have an idea to market you had not considered and another might have used an online system that is still in Beta but is showing great stats.

When you put it all together, a mediocre idea can turn into the next Billion $ business.

Entrepreneur Connect Benefit #5: Positive Influences

Just surrounding yourself with positive people will create amazing results.

Everywhere we turn, there is negative. But when you get around entrepreneurs, 99.8% will be positive and uplifting.

The benefits are many…

These are just a few.

So where do you connect with other entrepreneurs? Well, one way is to just contact like-minded entrepreneurs through their blogs or websites.

Connect With Other Entrepreneurs: Social Media

Social media is a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs. I believe the best ones are:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

But do not negate lesser ones too.

Connect With Other Entrepreneurs: Events

There are events and shows happening all the time where you can meet other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Consider trade shows, speaking engagements, etc…

Have your business cards and an elevator pitch and get out there and meet other entrepreneurs.

I also suggest keeping a contact book or entrepreneur contact app in your phone.

Some Great Apps For Connecting

With the use of mobile devices, we can now connect with other entrepreneurs all over the world. There are some applications that are used in this:

  • WeChat – This app allows you to text or even use a voice system to talk with other entrepreneurs. You can see more here.
  • MeetMe – Let’s say that your connect is in Dallas, Texas and you are in Detroit, Michigan. Using MeetMe, this app will suggest various meeting places that are located somewhere in the middle. See it here.
  • Shapr – This app is a matchmaker for business people. Find other entrepreneurs to “hook up” with here.
  • Namerick – Do you have trouble remembering some people’s names? This app can help you solve that issue. See it here.


I know that connecting is an important way to grow your business… As a matter of fact, Do you want to connect? Here are my links:

You know for many of us, recruiting is a way we build the business. Have you checked out Rocket Recruiting? It is the answer to the recruiting puzzle.

I hope this post gave you some insight on the importance of connecting. Let me know in the comments area if it did. And, please share this with your social media connections… They may find it valuable too.

Thank you.

To The Top!

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