Just imagine for one moment that you had the attention of all the successful entrepreneurs know to man. What would you ask them?

You have the opportunity to learn from the best; but time is important to each of these people, so it just makes sense that you ask them

What one piece of advice can you give me to be a successful entrepreneur?

Well, let’s examine what some of the world’s top entrepreneurs would tell you. And, I will start with my one piece of advice:

Eric Tippetts – “Write a book.”

You will discover that some of the top entrepreneurs have authored at least 1 book. I suggest you take time each day to work on a chapter until you get it completed. Write the book on something you are extremely passionate about. You will be helping others and you are also generating a passive income with royalties from that book. Be sure and have it professionally edited and you can send it to publishers or self-publish.

If you would like to check out the book I authored, it is titled To The Top and you can find it here.

Successful entrepreneur John Taffer – “Look at every detail.”

John has been a very successful restaurant owner as well as hosting the show Bar Rescue. John learned early on that the wise entrepreneur looks at even the smallest details. It is those small details that can make or break a business.

Successful entrepreneur Nick Grant – “Have a powerful marketing strategy devised before launching your business.”

Nick is the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of a Seattle based powerhouse business called Killer Infographics. Nick points out that many new entrepreneurs have an excellent product or service to offer, but they try to “wing” the marketing end of the equation. Marketing and sales are like the lungs of a business. They need to be the first priority.

Successful entrepreneur David Lai – “Time is as precious as gold if not more so.”

David is the founder and CEO of the Culver City, California web design ‘Powerhouse’ business of Hello Design. David tells us a lesson he learned early in his life from his Father. We all only have 24 hours each day and what we do with it defines us.

How is your time management?

Successful entrepreneur Chris Beatty – “Perfect never comes.”

Chris is an internet entrepreneur that coaches others on how to find success. He tells us that you need to quit worrying about perfect and just go for it. Make changes as you go.

Successful entrepreneur Sara Rotman – “Comfort could be one of your worst enemies.”

Sara is the founder of Mod Co. She was taught early on that if she is comfortable, she is living dangerously as an entrepreneur. You need to stay hungry so you are seeking “bread” to eat.

As an entrepreneur, comfort is not a safe zone.

Successful entrepreneur Bobby Mukherjee – “Your ideas are worthless.”

Bobby just hit us right between the eyes didn’t he? But he knows what he is talking about; after all, Bobby has started and sold 2 technology companies and he is now the CEO of a mobile app development company called Loka.

Many new entrepreneurs are so worried that if they tell anyone their ideas, they will get stolen. It isn’t the idea that counts… It is the execution that means everything. Odds are someone already had the idea but could not execute it. Will you be able?

Successful entrepreneur Graham Phoenix – “Be prepared to fail.”

This English entrepreneur had his times of failure throughout life but failures teach us how to gain success. We need to embrace failures because as an entrepreneur, it WILL happen. We learn and grow from them and when success does come, it is all the sweeter.

Successful entrepreneur Noah Kagan – “Don’t spend until you make.”

Noah is the founder and head “honcho” at AppSumo. He offers us some great advice. Do not make major money spends until you start making money with your creation.


I would say that listening to successful entrepreneurs is much wiser than listening to all those people around that say don’t, can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, etc…

As a matter of fact, the successful entrepreneur Tim Ferriss says that we are the average of the 5 people we are around the most.

That could be frightening for some people.

I hope that these quotes help you with your path to entrepreneur success. Remember to check out that free copy of my book To The Top, and if you have any questions or comments, just post those below.

Thank you and

To The Top!

eric tippets

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