I often write about tips and strategies to be successful in business and as an entrepreneur. Normally, I share things to do or try but in today’s post I am going to share 14 things not to do. It is much better to learn the items not to do this way, then to have to learn from experience.

So to attain success, don’t do these 14 things.

#1: Successful People Don’t Quit Focusing On Their Dream

I have read in some places where people say that successful people don’t quit. I disagree with that outlook because there are times when quitting is the wisest move. But the person quits one thing to move on to something bigger and better. The successful person never quits the dream though. They focus on that dream and move closer to making the dream a reality daily.

#2: Successful People Don’t Define Success As Money

While there is no denying that money has importance, it is not the definitive answer of success. Success has many other measurements such as:

  • A healthy and happy family
  • That house with the white picket fence
  • A wonderful garden
  • Etc…

#3: Successful People Don’t Neglect Planning

Every inch of success has a plan behind it. While your plan may not be perfect, you can always make amendments. But trying to “wing it” is a recipe for disaster.

#4: Successful People Don’t Neglect Their Physical And Mental Well Being

The next time you are procrastinating about exercising or reading a book. The next time you choose to eat one of those brownies instead of the healthy salad… Just ask yourself “What good am I to my business and family if I am not healthy?

#5: Successful People Don’t Break Promises

I once heard that the one thing we truly have in this world is our word. I have also learned that if there is any slight inkling of a chance I will not be able to keep a promise, I will not make the promise.

Keep you word… Keep your integrity!

#6: Successful People Don’t Settle For The Comfort Zone

This is simple addition: Average person + Comfort Zone = No Success. Average person + Wise Risk = Success. The only true way to get success is to step outside the comfort zone and take managed risks.

#7: Successful People Don’t Have A Negative Outlook

No matter what is happening in the world around them, successful people are able to find some positive in the situation.

“Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.” Harvey Mackay

#8: Successful People Don’t Let Perfection Be Their Guiding Force

While I see nothing wrong with striving for perfection, as entrepreneurs we must understand that we are humans and it will not be perfect. If we wait to start the race until everything is perfect, the starting gun will never fire.

So what, it isn’t perfect. Get started and make changes to perfect the item as you go.

#9: Successful People Do Not Compromise On Their Morals

I have a lot of respect for anyone that stands their ground on a moral principle even if I do not necessarily agree with that principle. But how can we trust a person who says in one breath they are against something and then turns to support the same thing they spoke against?

Stand your ground and you will gain respect.

#10: Successful People Don’t Assume They Can Change Another Person

Nobody has the power or ability to completely change another person. The only individual we can change is ourselves. Just understanding that fact puts you far ahead of much of the population.

#11: Successful People Don’t Thrive On Feedback

What I mean by this is that successful people do not always have to be told they did something right or have to be patted on the back. While feedback is great, we do not live for it. If we don’t get feedback, we still feel good about what we are doing and who we are.

#12: Successful People Don’t Always Take The Credit

The fact is, successful people have many people helping them become successful and they have no issues with acknowledging those people. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know never take the credit because they realize if it wasn’t for all the other “behind the scenes” workers, they would never be where they are.

#13: Successful People Don’t Assume They Can Please Everyone

I have recognized that if we try to please everyone, we end up pleasing nobody.

#14: Successful People Don’t Return To Something That Doesn’t Work

While some successful people may appear eccentric or even slightly crazy, the term insane does not fit. This is because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

If something doesn’t work, the successful person makes changes and does not return to the method that did not work.


I hope that the list I just gave you helped you understand what not to do to attain success in business and in life.

Is there any tips you would add on what not to do? Please tell us in the comment section. You can also ask any questions you may have there too.

Now I will leave you with a tip on something you may want to do… Get the Home Business Success Kit and get on your way to a successful future.

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