Tippetts family tradition. Start the New Year reading all we are “thankful” for last year.
This is my daughter, Asia with our “thankful” vase.
Then, starting the New Year with new “thankful” notes!

This is great way to create a habit of being “thankful” daily!

I noticed that once we implemented the “thankful” vase, the dynamics of our family changed. 
With living in Southern California it is very hard to stay grounded with all the “hype” and “money” perceptions. 
It is hard to raise kids here that don’t get caught up in the latest (most expensive) trends ie. clothes, phones, etc…
Not only did implementing the “Thankful” vase create a new energy and respect for our daughter daily.  It also created an awareness for not only our daughter but us as parents to help others.  We become dedicated to charity work as we felt so blessed everyday.
Let’s help everyone create some sort of this concept of being “thankful” everyday!  Please share this on your social media, emails, teams, friends and let’s create a world of hope, love, thankful, and abundance.
This is a motto my family and I live by:
“Love People and Use Things.  Don’t Use People and Love Things”
I am “thankful” for you!  
Much Love,
ps.  Please share if you found this of value to others.

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