Unlock Your Financial Success – “To The Top”  – Eric Tippetts
I hope you are having an amazing day!Today, I give the whole premise of my book – “To The Top”.

This book is 80% focused on “Abundance/Prosperity”

starting with your Mindset…….With You!

Helping you find the true you that has desires to be great, not worried to fail, expects succes

Here’s a quick video on “why” I wrote “To The Top” and please let me know how you feel about this.

I might put some of the feedback into the book as I love to hear my partners insights

<<<<Click Here To Watch Video>>>>



<<<Click Here To Watch Video>>>

Stop blaming everyone else for what they have, how lucky they are, the great car they drive….who care’s.

Live is about you and your journey to create a magical life to your top.

You see, I have traveled the world and I recognized that people and their expectations in life are very difference.

I might goto Miami Beach, Florida and have people I train with ambitions they feel take them “to Their Top”.

Then I will be in Vietnam, and the ambitions of what they feel would take them “to Their Top” are very different.

Neither are wrong….just different perspectives of their wants, needs, desires, and goals.

Do you feel poor/poverty each day or do you feel rich/abundance in your life?

You have received many emails from me talking about many things….and i want you to know.

I am not trying to sell you anything.

I have no agenda.

I am with a pure heart of truly trying to create a community of like minded, Entrepreneurs that want to learn, share, engage, and help each other, truly succeed…without bias.

 So much love,

Eric “To The Top” Tippetts

P.S. UPDATE – Website is about 10 days from being finished. You will be able to download my book there shortly.

Here is a picture of my first sample copies. (Sorry for the “no shirt”, was in Hawaii celebrating my daughters 5th grade graduation)
This book is a simple road map to help everyday people do everyday steps to succeed financially.
This book was written from all the up’s and down’s that I have had financially and wanted to help others avoid these “financial pitfalls” and learn to implement the positive financial items/insights I have learned along this amazing journey of life!
If you are interested, let me know and I will provide you a complimentary copy ($19.95 value) when released.
All you need to do is go to my Facebook business page: facebook.com/erictippettsbusiness and post:
“I want To The Top”
I will send a copy (no string attached).
I hope this can help you personally and professionally increase your financial success!
Thanks for your continued support!

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