How to Design the Life You LOVE…..Using Feng Shui!

I had the opportunity last week to spend time with a Feng Shui Master.

 Feng Shui?  Is that a new Dog Whisperer?  Lol!  Let me explain:

feng shui
ˈfəNG ˈSHwē,-SHwā/
noun: feng shui; noun: fengshui
  1. 1.
    (in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.


Feng Shui helps a person understand the flow of energy running through objects, ie. your home/office.

Everything around us is made up of “energy” or “vibrations”.

Did you realize that when a person dies, their physical body loses 21 grams.
Many Scientists believe this is a persons “energy” or “soul” (read more).

What holds most people back is their thoughts/beliefs that create positive or negative energy.

This energy then pushes them forward or pulls them back.  Ever wondered why some people are so “lucky”?

Typically it is their energy that is attracting this “luck” to them.  This is a good explanation of luck as it shows that most “lucky” people have prepared for this lucky event.  But, typically it is because of preparation that a persons confidence or energy attracts an opportunity.

 Preparation + Opportunity = Luck


I think many “un-lucky” people would like to blame their discontent on bad luck or circumstances they are in.  The quickest way to become lucky is by working on your relationship with yourself and investing in yourself.  What you will quickly find is that positive outcomes and events start to manifest themselves.


It’s because your energy and attraction pulls these positive outcomes towards you.  I have never met a person that works hard at evolving, growing, training, learning and doesn’t have breakthroughs constantly.  They attract it!

Now, second….when talking about Feng Shui, we are talking about objects surrounding you and what energy do they provide you?

This is a great chart that helps give a simple way to break down your environments (I give the example of your desk as most of my clients ask me to help them attract more abundance in their work environment).

This is SO powerful!  Use this chart – You will find a much more peaceful, empowering, and inspiring flow of energy!

feng-shui-desk-bagua Eric Tippetts

As you can see the chair at the bottom of the chart is where you would be sitting and facing your desk.  The key to Feng Shui is getting rid of clutter that’s blocking the flow of energy.

Clutter can be the quickest way to kill Feng Shui and the energy you are wanting to create.  You want to put things on your desk that represent each of these different environments while giving a positive feeling/emotion when you look at them.

3 Feng Shui Money & Wealth Tips


Use Water Cures for Abundance

Water is an ancient symbol of abundance in all cultures, not only in feng shui. Use feng shui fountains – a powerful feng shui cure to attract wealth and fresh Chi. If a fountain will not work in your space or you are just not comfortable with the idea, you can use images of flowing water such as waterfalls, rivers, etc. Any water image is an excellent feng shui for wealth energizer, just be sure the water is clear and moving. So, images of a fast flowing river or a waterfall, for example, are better feng shui for wealth cures than the images of a quiet lake or a pond.

You can also express the Water feng shui element by using the Water feng shui element colors – blue and black – as well as by decorating with mirrors, as mirrors are the perfect expression of this element.


Take Good Care of Your Money Area

No matter which feng shui bagua school you want to work with; focus your efforts on your money area and take good care of its energy. This means the overall decor in your money area has the appropriate feng shui colors, items, shapes and images, all expressing the Wood and the Water feng shui elements. A bit of Fire feng shui element decor is always good and serves as an energizing factor.

Once you define your feng shui money area, you might be upset to find out that your money area is in a challenging area such as the bathroom, for example, or in the garage, closet or laundry room. Rest assured that you can always make the best of it, and I have plenty of resources to help you out with good feng shui decor for your money area.


Bring Wealth Feng Shui Cures

Decorate your home and office with specific feng shui wealth cures that appeal to your taste and style. There is a variety of feng shui money cures – from traditional to modern – so take your time and bring into your space only the wealth cures that really speak to you of abundance and wealth. No matter what you choose – an aquarium for wealth or the Laughing Buddha, be sure you choose wisely.

While some traditional Chinese feng shui money cures such as the three legged toad, the Dragon Turtle, the Gem Tree or the Lucky Cat might not appeal to your taste (I know I do not use them!); there are still plenty of popular and powerful feng shui for wealth cures that you might like. Look into the Lucky Bamboo, the Wealth Ship or the Money Tree, to name just a few, and see if your money area can benefit from their energy.


I wrote this blog on Feng Shui and giving presence to the energy you are creating daily because so many people are stuck in their 9-5 job or Network Marketing, relationships, love, and more.  They don’t feel creative and excited each day and miss so many incredible opportunities, relationships, and more.

Stop for a minute and just relax.  Look at your desk, your office, your home…
How do they make you feel?  Inspired or Expired?  Passionate or tired?

These changes in your environment will help you design the life you want, desire, deserve instead of having a life by default.

If you enjoyed this blog, please share and comment.  I appreciate the feedback and look forward to connecting with you!

You create your own reality!  Make it Amazing!

So Much Love,

Eric Tippetts to the top

Eric Tippetts, Author of To The Top Book

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