5 Tips For Shooting Powerful Video to Grow Your Network Marketing Business!

Video converts 1800% more than text!

Yet, so many Network Marketing IBO’s I meet are scared and don’t realize how easy it is to put together a quick video intro.

People buy from people they like and trust.  Especially in Network Marketing…it’s a people business!

Watch this video above for 5 quick tips to help you produce a video that connects with people to attract them to you and your Network Marketing opportunity.


I remember shooting my first video, it was so awkward, uncomfortable, and foreign to me.  I felt like I didn’t want everyone to see me fail.  What if I look goofy?  What if I do a horrible job?  What if people laugh and don’t see that I am good enough?

Can you relate to this?

Well, What if you Can? (See more)

Seriously!  What if you can!  Remember, no one starts perfect in shooting video for their Network Marketing Business or any business.  It takes practice and one thing I believe in….people want to see real vs fake or perfect.

Mistakes are good!  They show you are real and not some perfect model, actress, performer, superstar that most people want too see fail because they are so damn perfect!

Enjoy the experience of getting to know yourself and what words, themes, and content feel comfortable for you to talk about.  Talk about things that you are passionate about.  You believe in!

#1 Tip – Realize that everyone does not have your same view and everyone is not going to Love you!  Meaning, be yourself vs what you think will make everyone happy!  This is not authentic!  People like authenticity and passion about what you shoot in video.

Just like when you are explaining your Network Marketing business to a prospect and that passion about your business.  This video should have that same passion!

These are 5 simple bullets to remember when shooting video’s to make them more impactful.

1. Brief Intro
2. Purpose of your video
3. Identify the problem
4. Identify the solution
5. A strong call to action

The only way to mastering powerful, engaging video is to take action and start practicing!


Take out your phone camera and shoot a quick video of yourself explaining your Network Marketing Business or anything you feel passionate about then watch it.  Shoot it again and watch how quickly you become more comfortable each time you shoot the video.Especially in Network Marketing, video can literally change your business and connect people to you.  This will build your tribe that engage with you!

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So Much Love,

Eric Tippetts to the topEric Tippetts, Author of To The Top Book

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